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Sample Liberal MPP Letter re: Bill 154

Sample Salutation = Dear, Ms. Jane Doe, MPP I am writing you to ask for your support in helping pass Bill 154 into law. Many traffic accidents in Ontario which result in death or serious injury, only result in charges under the Highway Traffic Act. Criminal code charges cannot be laid due to the evidence required to support such charges. This then results in a penalty against the wrongful driver that just does not fit the serious result of their mistake. People who violate regulations under the HTA are fined more than those who actually cause death or serious injury. In essence, people with the ability to cause harm to others pay a larger penalty under the HTA, than those who actually cause death. It tends to be the more vulnerable segments of the traffic population that pays the larger price in an accident situation. Persons driving vehicles generally are surrounded by a carefully engineered structure which tends to protect them, but affords no protection to vehicles smaller than they are in a collision situation. All persons in Ontario need to be aware that they are piloting a mechanism that does not just provide the means to transport them to a destination, but also has the potential to be a serious instrument of harm if controlled incorrectly. Bill 154 will help to solve this issue, and provide justice for victims and families in Ontario. I would like you to read it and advise me of your intentions on this bill when it next comes up for vote. As you are part of the Liberal Caucus, I would ask you to support the move to get this bill onto the agenda of the Committee for the Legislative Assembly, so that it can be examined and, if necessary amended if required, to obtain recommendation to the assembly for third reading. Should the bill require amending, I would ask that the essence of the requirement for justice for families be forefront in such amendments. I would also ask you to support passage of Bill 154 when it comes to third reading.

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