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Your Hellish Article by Jessica Evans

Bob MacDonald

After reading your article, it is embarrassingly obvious just how much you do not know about the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (not 'gang'), yet succumb to that ignorant, fear-filled mob mentality that reminds me of my history readings and of the Salem witch hunts. I so despise those cowardly crusaders who masquerade as journalists. Journalists that picture themselves as the "warning beacons to the PUBLIC," yet do no homework. At least the Mayor had the courage to "shake the hands of the ENEMY," and I certainly hope that he tells you to bugger off and do some volunteer work. Or at least write about something you know about, not plagiarizing Michel Auger's antiquated versions of an amazing Motorcycle organization. One that the "really well run Governmental Agencies" has tried from the very beginning to shut down and make disappear. Haven't been able to do that, have you? Ever wonder why? Ever spoken to one of those "scary guys"? I am glad to live in a country that has the Constitution. It helps to keep a leash on the real scary guys. You are one of them.

:Jessica Evans :Devil Dolls Motorcycle Club :San Francisco, CA