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Winds of Change By Jim Collis

I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY...to all the cops who will be pulling bikers over this year for routine harassment. You may think you are acting on behalf of Canadian citizens when you hassle bikers, but I've got news for you. Bikers are the last free people, remnants of the frontiersmen, the courier dubois and mountain men. We chose our lifestyle and are not afraid to defend it as our forefathers have done during past wars and revolutions. I've looked into the eyes of law enforcement officers at roadside stops and I detect a glimmer of hatred towards us bikers. Although the feeling is mutual, I can't help but feel a little sorry for these misguided members of law enforcement agencies. They have been programmed by their mentors like Det. Sgt. Terry Hall who has been quoted as saying, "Bike gangs are like a cancerous growth, you have to keep right on top of them". These officers actually feel they are doing the right thing by contributing to the erosion of Canadian citizen's constitutional rights. They justify their actions by saying Justice Minister so and so want us to keep tabs on all motorcycle groups, at any cost to the public. Deep inside these officers know they break the law not only once but on many occasions during a roadside confrontation with a biker. All in the name of following a misguided misinformed judge's directive. It is my hope that each and every one of these officers will eventually see the light and recognize the injustice they have inflicted on Canadian citizens as they go about the business of enforcing "the good of one is the good for all" laws of our current socialist regime. The light might flash on in their heads as they wield a riot stick against an unarmed citizen, or accidentally discharge a firearm into a crowd, or spray mace into the face of an innocent bystander. When that light flashes on I hope they will see they are fighting on the wrong side of true justice. They are the Philistines, the Pharisees, Spanish Inquisitors, Conquistadors and the Nazis of current society, not the bikers as they would have their propaganda believe. Elite enforcement agencies have not been serving a good cause, but rather are serving the dark side to remove people's rights and freedoms and keep them quiet, subdued and complacent. In most cases, these officers, (unbeknownst to themselves), have become the overlords of the New World Order.

These enforcement officers should heed warning and be aware that history repeats itself though. Society eventually rids itself one way or the other of overbearing enforcers. If they are not wise and realize the error of their ways, they may find themselves chained to a podium in a future tribunal defending themselves against accusations of heinous war crimes. The average citizen of today is becoming aware of the unjust actions and the relentless use of over-bearing power against the general public. Law enforcement has become confrontational to society in general, not just the biker subculture. The very people who make up the bulk of the public sector and pay the wages of these elite enforcement agencies are afraid of the very forces they claim to protect them. For those that don't know, this is called a police state. The final step for supreme rule in a police state is to remove any chance for the public to defend itself from a self appointed ruler thorough gun control, registration, and eventual confiscation of their firearms. The time for civil disobedience is drawing closer.

I ALSO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY... to the members of the general public. Bikers may appear different from the average citizen on the street, but most bikers are true blue honourable family people who make valuable contributions to our society. Bikers are however very high profile and consequently the target of police propaganda. Did you ever notice that certain media campaigns run horrendous articles of impending biker wars around springtime? These articles are on the front page for you to view because they coincide with police budget time. And the more sensational these articles are, the more funding law enforcement agencies request from the public. The public is actually paying elite forces to work around the clock on covert operations to amass trivial, useless information about who talks to whom in the biker subculture. It doesn't matter if the two guys shaking hands at a funeral where school chums or alumni, the subscript on the picture would most likely read, "and the deal is sealed". It is a giant waste of public money and should be stopped. Public intervention and debate is required to curb the illegal activities of these elite agencies before they get too powerful. Not only is it unconstitutional, it is expensive. True it may create job security for a handful of elite forces, but it does little else for the Canadian economy. These elite forces are very good at justifying their existence. Once in place they will go out of their way to prove to the general public they can't do without them as they go about their business, ignoring our constitutional rights and freedoms. They feel they are above the law and answer to no one. In some cases it has been rumored that their top-secret covert activities have included theft, firebombing and murder in order to create unrest in their sub culture targets, divide and conquer as the saying goes. When periods of unrest exist these elite squads can easily justify their existence to the public.

AND LAST I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY TO FELLOW BIKERS...the winds of change are upon us. The public's faith in their own system is beginning to crumble and we have been thrust into the front line defense for our freedom. Precedent setting court cases against illegal police actions are just the beginning. Expect to feel increased repression and restriction as the incidents of illegal actions against bikers rises across Canada. It's time to join one of the many bikers rights movements to defend your freedom. Forget the differences between different motorcycle organizations. Learn to tolerate one another and work as a united force to preserve our freedoms.

In closing think about this...the veterans of our wars will tell you that freedom has a high price, as illustrated in the following example...Louis Riel organized an armed rebellion against the government of his day to fight for his people's rights and freedoms. Louis Riel was hunted down like a dog and stripped of his rights and freedoms. The government eventually hung him by the neck until dead. His alleged crime was treason. Today he is honored as a hero and martyr to Canadians and particularly the Metis. A statue was erected to honour his memory and beliefs.

Louis Riel believed in his people's rights and freedoms.

What does the future hold for those of us that still believe in our rights and freedoms?

Will those of us that still believe in a free democratic society have to pay the same price?

Hopefully this time we will not have to pay the ultimate price to preserve Canadian freedom!!

:Jim Collis :Collingwood, Ontario