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Discrimination in Barrie by Jim Collis

I stopped at Misty's Bar in Barrie today on the way back from the T.O. and saw the new biker discrimination signs posted above the door. It reads " no Gang Colours etc etc. Even though I don't wear colours I find it appalling that the Barrie police have been allowed to use public funds to print and post blatant anti-biker discrimination signs without any reprisal from the public. Does no one question the ethics of Barrie's police? Have the police bullied the bar owners so bad that this is the only way they can stay open as long as they tow the line?

Surely Town Council had a hand in this crap too. Who votes these guys in? Doesn't anyone but me question the waste of taxpayer money? I've brought this type of discrimination to the attention of the OCC in the past, when I sent you a file from Barrie and Wasaga Beach including photos of such discrimination signs. I think tackling handle bar heights and HOV lanes are equally important and I have utmost respect for those people in the OCC who have tackled the task of changing these issues.

I do think however, that discrimination against bikers should be at the top of the list. I don't condone civil disobedience but as a form of protest anti discrimination bumper stickers could be plastered over top of these signs in Barrie to show the public the real issues at hand. This is Canada and Businesses, the law and people in general shouldn't discriminate against people because they look different or hang out together.

I've had a few run ins last season with over zealous Barrie Police and I think they're out of control. Some one should keep them in check.

:Regards, :Jim Collis :Collingwood, Ontario