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Charity Rides by Tony Wilson

Finally the riding season is here again and as always, the assorted charities are looking at us to support their cause.

Knowing that we are a bunch of good people who believe that you should help those who are down, we are always willing to lend a hand or a fiver as needed.

In return they are promising us a good time and the feeling that we are doing good, not to mention that we are showing the general community how good motorcycle lifestyle enthusiasts really are.

Most of the assorted runs and events are run by a group of stand-up people who believe in their cause and are truly thankful for whatever we can give then.

Unfortunately there is one run out there who is run by a group of suits who sit in their offices and do not understand what we are really about.

This event has been marketed as a ride run by riders for the riders and this is true providing you fit their profile of what is accepted.

These people claim to be fighting for a cure for blindness. Unfortunately they are to blind to see who has supported them over the past twenty-two years.

An event by motorcyclists for motorcyclists.

Take a look at the list of people organizing this event and what is more important, the people who are no longer involved.

Am I the only one who notices a trend?

Anyone who is truly involved in or actively supports the lifestyle seems to be missing.

Anyone who is willing to stand up and fight for our freedom seems to be missing. Whatever happened to B.R.O.?

This club had worked long and hard with the organizers for a number of years running the field games and doing whatever else needed doing.

Is it possible that their willingness to stand up and fight for our freedom does not meet with the suit's definition of what is acceptable?

I guess that speaking out against the establishment and questioning laws that have been shoved down our throats does not meet with their approval or fit with their image.

This is only one club, whatever happened to all the other clubs who supported and helped them over the years?

I guess they feel that they no longer need that kind of help anymore.

They say that everyone is welcome, but step back and take a look at what has been happening over the past few years.

Are clubs welcome?

Sure, as long as the club and all the members meet with their approval and fit their image. We wouldn't want to scare away any of the Bay Street types now would we.

It has not been a very well kept secret that for the last few years, M.C. Clubs have not been welcome and that the top organizers do not really want them to attend, or their money.

I only hope that the Gold Wing Riders and the rest of the weekend warriors are what they are looking for.

Try to enter an M.C. Club in their club challenge and see how far you get.

What are they afraid of?

That a group of people who truly believe in what they are doing and are willing to live their lives the way they want is going to embarrass a bunch of suits and raise more money than them.

We couldn't have that now could we?

Does anyone know what happened to the bikini contest?

I guess that was another thing that did not fit their image.

After all, some of the girls may remove their tops and expose themselves. We couldn't have that now could we, even though the last time I checked this was still legal in the Province of Ontario.

It seems that the suits are getting out of control again and need to be reminded of where their money really comes from.

It is also no secret that their Chairperson for Central Ontario feels he does not need the Harley crowd and he chooses not to want to do business with, nor associate with us.

This used to be a good time where we could each raise a few bucks and get together with our brothers and sisters to enjoy ourselves for the weekend, unfortunately those in power seem to have forgot what it is all about and have got greedy.

Maybe it is time that we started supporting those who support us again and those that appreciate us.

Just something to think about.

See you on the road; just don't look for me in Collingwood.

Tony Wilson