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Tangled Web by Katherine MacDonald

Tangled Web Katherine MacDonald

Well there you have it. Another 4 years of the McGuinty Liberals to make us on motorcycles feel oh so much safer. Let’s take a quick look shall we. In the last 4 years have the Liberals done anything to make motorcyclist feel safer? Have they even remotely considered the impact of left turn and lane change safety? Have they acknowledged it at all? No. Will Donna Cansfield (Minister of Transportation) acknowledge it now that she and her colleges have been re-elected? I doubt it. With all likelihood she will be left as the Minister of Transportation. Now ask if I am happy about this? NO. I had strong hopes that a change in government would bring about a positive change for our (motorcyclists) safety on roadways.

Oh well, we pickup the ball and keep right on going. $150.00 fine for an improper lane change is not a proper penalty for a life taken. Yeah, I am sure the driver feels real bad. Tell that driver to go see those motorcyclists’ kids at home while they are trying to figure it all out where their mom or dad is and why that person felt they were so much more important and had the right to drive wherever and however they pleased with no regard to the person on the bike. Please tell me how it turns out. There is no way they can even remotely feel the pain and anguish those kids are trying to dealing with. But hey they paid their dues …$150.00.

Recently my plates came up for renewal and with it came the Handy Dandy Ministry of Transportation Newsletter. I am sure we are all aware that there is a 1 person 1 seatbelt law right? Those tourists were killed on one of the 400 series highways and a week later this law was passed where by it is unlawful to have more passengers than working seatbelts in a vehicle. Good law. But, how come when the Harrises where visiting from Michigan up north and they were killed by a guy who was in a hurry to turn left into his driveway and right through the Harrises on their bike killing them both was a law not passed the next week regarding left turn penalties? We asked again and again and we are told the laws are appropriate for that. The cops won't issue a careless driving charge because it won't stick so $150.00 please and have a nice day. Thanks McGuinty government for recognizing the importance of safety on our roads.

Did you know the Ministry of Transportation is getting tough on fraud? If you make a false statement on your application or other paperwork the fine has been increased from $500.00 to $5000.00 and a possible 30 days in jail. If you display a fictitious or alter or fraudulently obtained driver's license then the fine has increased from $500.00 to $50,000.00. This will protect the integrity of licensing system in Ontario. Still only $150.00 if turn and kill a motorcyclist though.

The Ontario government is ALLOWING the use of special vehicles by their special people in special places. Electric low speed vehicles in conservation areas by park officials only. Segways by mobility impaired people, postal workers, and police services workers in certain urban areas. "This is officer 902120 I am in high speed pursuit of a J walking 80 year old female Caucasian on a motorized wheel chair, I require assistance, over”.

You can ride e-bikes with a helmet on our roadways as long as you are 16 and over and have on a helmet. But what kind of helmet is required? Would that be DOT or SNELL or CSA motorcycle, bicycle or hockey helmet? How bout a nice fuzzy shower cap with a chin strap? Hummm I wonder.

The HOV lanes are now open on the 403 and 404. They require 2 yes TWO people per vehicle including the driver. Yes, that means motorcycles as well even if they only have a solo seat. Isn't that special? McGuinty government hard at work.

Well that’s about all I can cough up at this time. I mentioned to Ken I may need heavy sedation if the McGuinty government was re-elected. …..where's the herbal party when you need them! Sleeping beauty was so lucky. Yes, I am feeling let down by our voting public. Which by the way, how many of you actually got out there and voted this year? Remember that you can't bitch if you don't vote.

But I would like to take a moment and welcome our new MPP to the Sarnia Riding. Bob Bailey was our rep for the PC party in our riding and pummeled the incumbent MPP Carolin Dicco. Welcome MPP Bailey I greatly look forward to working with you in the near future. Guess what the first thing is that I am going to bring up???

In world news, thank you to all troops over seas, I hope you had an opportunity to vote as well. God bless and watch over yous. You're constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Please come home safe and sound!

The holiday season is fast approaching so please be ever so careful driving. I hate getting the phone calls.

So take care and we will see you at Dinos swap meet in London next month where I will be hard at work in the Child Riding Belt Booth with dummyhead and the mannequin