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We offer two different levels of membership:

Independent Membership


In the event that you are not a member of one of our member clubs, you are welcome to join us as an independent member. Independent members do NOT vote. The dues for this level of membership are $30.00 per year. We will need your name, address and phone number.


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Club Membership


Entitles your club/group to one vote on issues of importance. Each member club will have one vote, regardless of the size of membership. Voting is to be done only by a representative which your club will appoint. We will require the name, address and phone number of your appointed representative and/or contact. We will list your club on our web site unless notified otherwise. The annual membership dues for this level are $125.00 per year.

Both levels of membership will receive minutes of the meetings by electronic mail. All members are most welcome to run for executive and committee positions, sit on boards, and of course offer input. There are no requirements to join us, just the interest in preserving and enhancing our rights as motorcyclists. We are not brand specific, and in fact you don't even need to own a motorcycle to be a member.

To pay for membership, send an e-transfer for $125.00 or $30.00 depending on your category to "" include in the notes your:


Contact Name:

Club Name:

Mailing Address:

email Address:

Contact Phone Number:


Any further clarification or comments should be directed to the contacts found elsewhere on this website.


For submission by regular mail please use either the


Club Membership Form




Independent Membership Form


Thank you for your support, and interest in our Confederation.