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Becoming an OCC Supporter offers a business owner access to over 6000 interested parties, also supporting the interests of Ontario bikers, for a very reasonable donation.*


Exposure is delivered via these OCC outlets:



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-The supporting business is highlighted by a ‘Welcome’ message on the ‘News’ page on the OCC website


-A listing of the business information on the website page titled ‘Biker Friendly’ which designates businesses that support the efforts of the OCC.

-In addition, the business URL is included on the site’s ‘Links’ page.

OCC Supporters pay a one-time fee of only $100.00 for a ton of exposure.







- Businesses that make this White List are also ‘Welcomed’ via a posting declaring their support. Currently the OBB page has 2150 members. The ‘White List’ is also published in the OCC newsletter which is distributed to all Independent members and all OCC Member Clubs four times per year. Below is an example of the posting:


-Additionally, the support business is listed on the ‘White List’ which is a feature of the OCC Facebook page – The Ontario Biker Blacklist which was founded to highlight businesses that discriminate against bikers by posting a ‘No Colours’ or ‘Support Clothing’ policy.


The OCC would like to ‘Welcome’ our two newest business supporters:


The Innsville in Stony Creek


Rikochez Pub & Eatery in Grimsby


These commercial enterprises are proud to be designated


'Biker Friendly'



-The business is also ‘Welcomed’ via an email blast on OCC-Talk, a private email messaging system which is exclusive to all our current members.

-In addition, each support business receives four ‘OCC Friendly’ decals to attach to their place of business. The decals magnetically attach to glass surfaces.

*Statistically, the OCC boasts a membership of over 80 motorcycle club and riding clubs. The OCC is also very proud to list over 70 independent members. Our organization does not record individual club membership data but it is estimated that total individual membership is around 2000 Ontario motorcyclists. It is also estimated that those individual members closely interact with approximately 6000 like-minded people.

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Become an OCC Supporter...

The Traditional Method

To pay for Support by snail mail, print a copy of our application form, complete and mail with a cheque for $100.00 to the address on the application form.


The Electronic Method

To become an OCC Supporter, send an e-transfer for $100.00 to "" and include in the notes your:


Company Name:

Contact Name:

Website URL:

Phone Number:

If your seeking more information, email us at