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Police Stop - Harassment Form Now Interactive

Effective today, Bikers can record unnecessary and unwanted intrusions into their precious free time by Law Enforcement. Bikers can now either download the form to be carried on their person or in their bike - which can be filled and forwarded via email to treasurer@occ4u.org or by filling in our interactive online form which (once completed) will be forwarded to the Treasurer.

Go to www.occ4u.org and click on the 'Information' page and click on the form. Data collected this way will be used to comprise a research document which will be used to stop the unethical profiling of citizen bikers.

The OCC Political Action Committee is very interested in the recent determination to end the carding of black youth in the City of Toronto. 'Carding' or its other pseudonym 'Information Gathering' has long been used by Law Enforcement, to pull over Bikers and detain them without reason or charges, in order for the Biker Enforcement Unit to compile a database for their own intentions - whatever the BEU deems necessary. This practice is carried out without any transparency or accountability regarding who or what uses this information.

This discriminatory practice must be stopped!! Do your part and forward any incident where you were stopped by LE without any provocation - or where you were charged but feel the charge was laid due to a personal prejudice on behalf of the officers involved.