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Ride for Sight by Julie Warren

Once again the Ride for Sight rears it's ugly head. At a time when it would be advantageous to set an example of support to Bikers who have been receiving negative press for the last few months, the Ride committee pulls support. Did they ever support us? There was a colours issue, a change of venue to attract the RUBS, denied free access to OCC meetings on the grounds. Perhaps they have forgotten the first rides when the crowd who paid the bills and brought in the donations were not the pretty people.

I wonder why riders support charities who won't partner with them but allow them to do third party fundraising, quickly accept the cheque and then wash their hands. If the money that has been raised by motorcyclists in the name of charity had been used for Biker rights and education we would certainly be in a better financial position and could we have any worse press if we didn't do charity events. What exactly do all these charity runs accomplish.

Julie Warren