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Cops, Not Bikers, Marred Fair Event by Steve J Northey

London Free Press Editorial Opinions Section. Feb. 8, 2002

Regarding the London Motorcycle Show last weekend.

Once again, The London Free Press has failed to offer an objective view of events and has instead acted as a propaganda tool for the police.

I was a witness to the much-reported events at the Progress Building last weekend. Any unbiased observer would have concluded that peace was maintained not by the actions of police, but in spite of them.

Throughout the weekend, members of the provincial police and London city police did their utmost to put on a display of machismo and intimidation.

I saw ordinary citizens treated like criminals without cause and paying customers scared away from the show, not by club colours, but by the doors to the show, blocked by police cruisers and paddy wagons.

The alleged "tension" Saturday afternoon was alleviated not by the boorish actions of the police but by the cool-headed words of show organizer Larry Pooler, who throughout the weekend displayed professionalism that was beyond reproach.

Aside from the police-state atmosphere, the most common comment we heard regarding the show was "best ever." It is unfortunate The Free Press could not have reported on that.

:Steve J . Northey :Chairperson :Bikers Rights of Ontario