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Playmobil Inc.

In early December 2000 it was brought to our attention that a German based company named Playmobil was manufacturing children's action figure toys that were offensive to motorcyclists. The product in question was the Adventure Police Set product # 3085 and represented two policemen and one policewoman, chasing the bad guys, who happened to be leather clad bikers riding American style cruisers. The scenario was to arrest the bad bikers and then take them to jail.

This item was brought to my attention by independent O.C.C. member Mr. Glenn Allardyce of Toronto ABATE. Glenn and myself formulated a letter to Playmobil with the focus being that their product was offensive to motorcyclists and especially offensive to those of us that have families, as their product is aimed at the 3-7 age group. It could only serve to reinforce stereotypes on young and impressionable minds.

Playmobil responded quickly and positively. Less than three weeks after the letter was sent we received a reply from the Canadian office of the corporation apologizing and informing us that the toy would no longer be manufactured.

Congratulations to Glenn and Toronto ABATE, the Confederation and a special congratulations to Playmobil Inc. of Zindorf, Germany for exhibiting the true spirit of corporate and community responsibility. Truly a win-win situation for all involved.

:Brian J. Dodds :Secretary :Ontario Confederation of Clubs :10 Jan. 2001