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Courthouse Protest

In Feb. of 2003, our Chairman Larry Pooler, attended the Hamilton, Ontario courthouse to defend himself against a speeding ticket he acquired in fall of 2002. Upon arriving at the courthouse Mr. Pooler was denied access by Sgt. Mike Hamner of the Hamilton Police Force, because he was wearing clothing indicating he was a member of the Hells Angels. Mr. Pooler was convicted in absentia, despite the fact that he waited on the steps of the courthouse until proceedings were done for the day. This is clearly a violation of his right to a fair trial as guaranteed under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Mr. Pooler has launched a personal lawsuit against Sgt. Hamner. He is scheduled to re-appear at the same Hamilton courthouse on June 25, 2003 at 9:00 A.M. We are urging all concerned citizens to show up with Mr. Pooler on this date and demand that justice be done.

The Hamilton courthouse is located at 45 Main St. East, Hamilton, Ontario. From the QEW, go north on the 403 toward Hamilton and exit at the Main Street exit. Follow Main to the courthouse. There is ample parking directly across the street. We are hoping that by a show of numbers we can attract media attention to this denial of justice. Hope to see you there.

:Brian Dodds :Recording Secretary :Ontario Confederation of Clubs