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Never More Important

The events that unfolded over the course of this year rudely amplify the necessity for an organization dedicated to supporting the interests of motorcyclists in Ontario. The Ontario Confederation of Clubs, through the participation of its membership, has worked hard to raise public awareness of the unconstitutional profiling of bikers and the unconstitutional stereotyping of patch holders as criminals, by law enforcement. Our cause has never been more important than now and never more critical to the interests of everyone who rolls two big wheels. The O.C.C. has renewed its pledge to the bikers of Ontario and is in the process of a total revamping of our website (www.occ4u.org) to represent the status of current biker interests and other various items of interest. The Third Annual O.C.C. Unity Ride is slated for September 15, 2007 and 100% of all proceeds are used to support biker interests in Ontario. The event is a Hub Ride (bikers ride to the location (The Hub) from various compass points (i.e. the spokes of a wheel) and is open to ALL bikers.

Many individuals, and groups, inside the motorcycling community incorrectly envision the O.C.C. as an organization with a narrow purview. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Yes, we are political in our insistence that bikers have rights, and that those rights should be respected the same as any other citizen regardless of affiliation. Yes, we are also political in our insistence that changes be made to the Highway Traffic Act to address motorcycling safety issues. Yes, we are political in our insistence that the citing of unfounded infractions of the Highway Traffic Act should cease being used by police as a method of harassment that presents an unnecessary burden on our legal system. And yes, we are here to ensure that all of us, every last one of us that rides for enjoyment, are safe, respected and treated no differently than any other lifestyle participant. Political mandates aside, we are also riders, parents, taxpayers, workers and citizens of Canada.

All bikers can benefit from involvement with the O.C.C. either by joining as a member or by participating in our fundraising efforts. Remember, you do not have to be a clubber to enjoy membership. The O.C.C. also offers Independent Membership with dues pegged at $25.00 per year.

Larry Lilly O.C.C. Treasurer