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Bikers Respond to Ontario HOV Issue

March 31, 2008 - The OCC Information Booth at the National Motorcycle Show was an extremely busy place this past weekend. Motorcyclist from all corners of the province were eager to place their signatures on the OCC petition to demonstrate their discontent regarding the current law prohibiting single rider, two-wheeled motorized vehicles from entering and using the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes established on Ontario highways. Hard copy signatures totaled 460 and all supporters were eager to take additional petition flyers to their friends, which were unable to attend the show, detailing the location of the online petition that is also growing daily.

This issue is a no-brainer, justified and fairly easy to rectify, but it appears that the current provincial government is determined to avoid the obvious and has no plans to change the current rules that govern HOV lane access. It now falls to us, the citizens of Ontario that have huge safety, social and environmental issues regarding this subject, to take a stand and make an affirmative statement that cannot be ignored. It is our ambition to present a 5000 name petition to the provincial government when they convene for the fall session of the Ontario Legislature.

You can fuel the fire by visiting:


Larry Lilly :OCC Treasurer