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OCC Member Club Hosts Wounded Warrior Event

On June 6, 2009, the Perfect Pigs M.C. hosted the first Annual Hero's Highway Motorcycle Ride to benefit the Sapper Mike McTeague Wounded Warriors Fund. The event was open and entirely free to all bikers with donations gratefully accepted. The run attracted 120 bikes and raised $1500.00 from participant donations. Riders departed the Ten Acre Truck Stop at Trenton and occupied the left lane of the Highway of Heroes, traveling in an unbroken procession, until reaching Iroquois Park in Whitby. All riders arrived at the destination without mishap, underscoring a very successful event. The Perfect Pigs M.C. take this opportunity to express their gratitude to the owners of the Ten Acre Truck Stop, Iroquois Park and all the participants, particularly the members of the OCC that turned out and made the day a memorable event.