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To all Canadian Citizens

I am writing you today to ask for your help to raise awareness of the sacrifices our Canadian soldiers are making on our behalf.

Corporal Jamie Brendan Murphy was brought home today from Afghanistan in a box covered with the colors of our country. Sadly this is becoming a lot more common as we have lost seven soldiers in the last twelve months. As a former soldier with a few " so called peacekeeping tours under my belt I can understand the concept that soldiers die, what I cant understand is why when we bring home one of our fallen sons every flag in the nation is not at half mast. Do these heroes not deserve at least as much of a tribute as we give fallen police officers and politicians?

There are a couple of things we can do to change this complacent attitude, First, Insist that all business that you have dealings with lower there flag until the day after the funeral (next Wed in this case) if they refuse take your hard earned money elsewhere. Second call 1-800-O CANADA, this is the federal agency that we pay to govern our policies on flags let them know we want more respect shown on our behalf, and finally call your local MP and let him know that as your representative you expect him to work on this issue immediately. All phone numbers for MPs are listed in the Ontario government section of your phone book.

These guys are willing to lay down their lives for us , the least we can do is pick up the torch for them when they fall and demand that the proper respect be shown to their memory.

Remember this is our country and we decide what our policies are, so lets do the right thing and become a nation that respects our military members.

Falcons MC Canada
Veterans Chapter