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Letter to Dalton McGuinty concerning police roadblocks:

Sir..I am writing to you concerning blatant disregard for our Freedom of Rights and discriminatory practices by Ontario Police Depts...mainly the Biker Enforcement Unit...I was attending a pig roast a few weeks ago...As I neared the destination in Claremont Ontario. A roadblock was set up and to my understanding , the officers said it was a motorcycle safety blitz. As my bike was inspected one officer stood in front of me taking my picture??? Other officers proceeded to ask me where I was going???asking personal questions...I said to the officer, what has this got to do with safety?...I realized that this was not a safety blitz, but an intelligence gathering operation under the guise of a safety blitz...The officers did not reply to my questioning.Some of the people I noticed when questioning the police received tickets for supposed infractions...I am writing to you as Premier to say...why as an Ontario resident and taxpayer am I being subjected to this type of harassment and discrimination ?...Last I remember my Grandfather fought in the big war against a fascist regime so that I can enjoy my freedom without discrimination and prejudice...It is also amazing what the costs to taxpayers are with this kind of roadblock when there are criminals running the streets with guns and killing and injuring innocent people...I belong to a Confederation Of Clubs to which get involved in Freedom of Rights Issue pertaining to those that ride motorcycles. Are our rights slowly being eroded by a police state type of governing??? I pray not. Thank you for listening...God Bless Canada..

Regards: Derek Gartshore